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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heist - Episode 3

The thin cards felt good in Trent’s hand. His eyes studied his three opponents, then found their way to the mound of clay chips in the center of the table.

A beefy man across from him with buzzed red hair took another moment to look down at the four sixes in his hand. “I call.”

Another burly man tossed down his hand nervously “Two pair.”

The red haired man couldn’t contain his excitement any longer, he tossed the 4 Kings down on the table and smirked at Trent. “Four of a kind!”

Trent frowned a little and leaned back in his chair, his face set in defeat. Slowly he fanned his cards out onto the table. His fake frown quickly turned to a smile, “Royal flush boys!” His thin hand shot in to sweep the chips toward his already massive stack.

“Bullshit!” the red haired man spat, “No one’s luck is that good, you’re cheating!”

“C’mon Drake, I don’t cheat, maybe you just need to find a new game.” Trent winked.

“You son of a bitch!” Drake reached to his side and with practiced skill pulled a comfortably sized handgun from its holster.

Obviously taking command from Drake the other two also pulled guns on Trent. For a long tense moment the four sat still, three guns cocked, ready to fire on Trent. “You guys are going to shoot me because you suck at poker?”

Without hesitation Trent launched himself from his seat, with his left hand he grabbed one of the men’s guns, his right hand flung the table up on its side spilling poker chips everywhere. With a quick twist he pulled the gun away from the thug and spun on the other thug, kicking the gun from his hand. Another swift kick to the man’s face and he was out cold. Trent twisted again, lunging toward the first thug, he wrapped the man’s arms behind his back with one hand and then brought his other arm around the man’s thick neck. With quick determination he placed the thug between himself and Drake.

Drake took a step back, gun trained on the entwined pair, the gun waved a bit in his hand as he tried to find a way to shoot Trent without hitting his comrade. Trent grunted as he shoved the thug into Drake, then leapt, grabbing Drake by the wrist and twisting, the black gun wrenched from his hand and fell to the floor. With the men disarmed, Trent made quick work of them, within fifteen seconds all three of his opponents lay unconscious on the carpet.

Trent rubbed his shoulder as he surveyed his work. The thin man pulled two aces he had stashed from his sleeve and tossed them on the ground before grabbing a suitcase full of cash. “My hard earned winnings.”

His feet quickly found the door as the phone in his pocket rang. His slender hands opened the phone and brought it to his ear as he closed the door behind him. “Hey Samuel.”

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