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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

“Hero’s” Story – Chapter 28

I exhaled as the weight of the situation filled me. Dead. Julie dead, Bill dead, I couldn’t let this madman take my Son’s life. I tried so hard to be a hero, to save people’s lives. All I had done was ruin them. Shit, I turned a small time burglar into a serial killer.

“Daddy, please..” My Son sobbed, his big brown eyes desperate and filled with fear. What had I done? Looking into his pleading eyes I wished I could take it all back. Never fly again, just spend time with my kids, with my wife, have my family back again. Go on a picnic, tuck the kids into bed, go swimming in the pool. I knew it could never be, not after what I’d done.

Suddenly an idea popped into my head. I inhaled deeply. “Jolt, you let the boy go, or I swear, I will finish what I started when we first met.” My words were bold and self-assured, confident. It was an act, hopefully I could talk him down and it wouldn’t come to…

“You shut the fuck up! I’m in charge now! I’m in control! No more needles, or Wardens, no more rules! This is my world and I’m about to steal everything you’ve ever loved. Destroy everything you ever touched!”

Insanity filled his eyes; there would be no reasoning with him. I looked to my ex-wife.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

I looked directly at Jolt. “Last chance kid.”

“Fuck you old man.”

Had to be perfect. I bent my knees slightly and flung myself at Jolt. I grabbed his arm with my left hand and my Son’s shoulder with my right hand. I tossed my boy towards his Mother as I tackled Jolt through the wall.

It only took a moment before Jolt lit up; electricity burst from his hands and covered my back, racing up my arms. Without looking, I knew where it was. I hugged Jolt tightly; the shock pierced my skin and tore at my insides as he increased the power. I flew us straight into the pool. Six feet deep we plummeted into the water.

Giant arcs of lightning leapt from the surface of the water. It hurt worse than anything that had ever happened to me. Worse than the Messiah, worse than the tank. Millions of needles poked my skin, wrenched my guts and burned my insides. I could feel my heart ready to explode. I opened my eyes and watched as Jolt overloaded himself and burned out.

His eyes went white as he stopped moving. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care. To see death, to stare in someone’s face as they slide away, no one should have that power.

My body went limp as a gray mist formed to cloud my vision. No longer did I feel the sting of electricity, or the pain of tense muscles. I floated to the surface, my back exposed to the cool night air, face down watching Jolt sink. I couldn’t move, I was too weak to even lift my head out of the chlorinated water.

After a short time I felt delicate hands grabbing at my shoulders, pulling me out of the pool and onto the concrete. I looked up wearily. Staring down at me, blonde hair like a halo, eyes filled with tears, it was my wife.

“This was your secret?” she sobbed, “I would have understood.”

“I, I know.” I tried to reach a hand up to comfort her, but my arm wouldn’t move. “Is he, alright?”

My son poked his head into view, a scratch on his neck, but he was fine. “Dada?”

So weak, so cold, I fought back a wave of darkness that threatened to take me. I had to focus just to breathe.

“So, sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Staring up into the caring, tear filled eyes; I knew I had made the wrong choice. I knew that I should have stayed with her, raised our family. What a fool. There was no time left though. No time left to make it right.

“I love you.” I murmured. It was a strain to even move my lips. It took all my strength to push the sound out of my mouth.

“I know. I know”. She stroked my face with her slender cold hand. It’s the last thing I felt before the darkness closed in on me.

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