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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What If? - Chapter 14

“Just settle down a little.” Pat’s slender hands are clasped together, fingernails too long and poorly manicured.

“Don’t tell me to settle down! My life is totally fucked right now!” I grip the arm of my chair like my life depends on it.

“I didn’t think going a second time would be a good idea. We just didn’t have all the data.” He stares at a clipboard, deciphering mystical scientific information.

“What about the first time!? What’s happening to me? Why is this happening?” I lean forward, anxious, still gripping the arm rest.

Pat scratches his adam’s apple with his thumb and forefinger, “It’s hard to say, it’s possible that residual matter from the other dimensions somehow attached to you and affected our current ‘prime’ time-line. Or it’s possible that by viewing the alternate time line you have somehow corrupted it and merged time lines. It’s still…er.” Pat hesitates.

“What? What is it?”

“Well, scientifically speaking the most obvious answer is…” he chooses his words carefully, a rare thing for Pat, “… that you could already draw and that, um… you’ve been having an affair all along.”

I slap myself in the forehead with the palm of my hand, “Pat, I’m pretty sure I’d know if I was a gifted artist who’s been banging his ex-girlfriend in the evening.”

“I’m just saying, when was your last psychiatric evaluation?”

“Jesus man, are you kidding me? Focus! You stuck me in your machine and now my world is screwed up!"

Pat nods solemnly, his eyes look serious, but it might just be fear. I think I’m going a little over the top here.

I look down at my watch, “Shit, I’ve gotta go.” I stand, finally releasing my death grip on the arm rest. “Find me some answers Pat!” I yell over my shoulder as I let the door slam shut behind me.

I grab my cell phone: “Laina. It’s me; I’ve got to stay late tonight. Server crash. Yeah, real bad. I’m not sure, maybe a few hours, maybe more. It all depends on how bad it is. Huh? Yep. Love you too.”

The sun is gorgeous as I speed to the hotel. The spring breeze is just warm enough and the smell of fresh cut grass and flowers blooming fills the air. Today would be perfect if my whole world wasn’t covered in shit. It’s the worst kind of day, where every other asshole is happy and the planet Earth just delights in reminding you that apparently you are the only miserable bastard alive.

I stop my compact car between the fading yellow lines, pull the hand break and open the door. A million thoughts race through my mind as I make my way up the stairs around the outside of the hotel. Shitty hotels always have stairs on the outside.

I step up to the door and without any hesitation knock three times. I hear the lock snap open and see the door knob turn.

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