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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What If? - Chapter 15

The brown hotel room door opens slowly; standing in the doorway is Amber. She looks almost exactly the same as she while married to Blue Collar Me. Only here her stomach is flat and she’s dressed in black lingerie. Lacy bra and tight panties, see through stockings pulled up to her thighs. Her tanned arms reach up, grab my collar and pull me into the hotel room. She presses her soft lips against mine, her breath is warm, her lavender perfume fills my nose.

For a moment I’m not sure how to react, the kiss so dangerous it makes my lips tingle, so soothing I feel the tension suddenly drop from my shoulders. My arms wrap around her waist, I close my eyes and begin giving into the desire. Her moist tongue slips into my mouth and like a rubber band being snapped against my wrist I am pulled back into reality.

I grab her slender shoulders and shove her back; my eyes open wide, heart threatening to pound out of my chest. Her face is twisted in pain and confusion.

“Amber… I, I can’t.”

She looks down at the floor and plops down on the bed dejectedly. “I knew this would happen.”

“I’m sorry, I wish I could explain how this all happened, but I’m sorry, I can’t do this.” I feel my stomach twist like its High School and we are breaking up all over again.

Her brown eyes still stare down at the short green hotel room carpet. “I always knew this wouldn’t last. I… I… I’m such an idiot.” She buries her face in her hands, tears seep from between fingers ending in polished nails.

I take half a step forward and reach my hand out to touch her shoulder. I desperately want to comfort her. Something stops me, awkwardly half stepped, arm half outstretched, like someone just hit the pause button on my life. “I’m, I’m sorr-“.

“Just go, just leave.” The sobbing increases.

One step back, I turn to the door, hands shaking, legs like jelly I open it. The warm air rushes to fill the cool vacuum caused by the room’s air conditioner. It’s dusk, but still warm, too warm for night, too warm for all of this. I wish it would rain.

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