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Thursday, September 24, 2009

“Hero’s” Story – Chapter 20

We stood on the roof of the Super 8 facing the direction of the holding facility. Though we couldn’t see it, I knew it was there, I could feel its presence. I was about to make a life changing action, but I had no choice. Flare and Speedy were my friends; they were like me, and except for Julie, my only friends.

I looked at Bionic, I could never read his expressions but I just assumed he was as nervous as I was. Maybe worse, I mean he wasn’t invincible.

“Okay, you know the plan. I get Flare and Speed; you ‘talk’ to the computers and erase everything they have on us.”

He nodded; we’d gone over it more than once.

He wrapped his scrawny arms around my neck and wrapped his legs around my waist. I was wearing a Bionic backpack.

We took off towards the Federal holding facility. I flew slow and cautious, keeping my eyes open for helicopters, but the skies seemed quiet. When we got within sight of the facility I sped up. The closer we got, the faster I flew. Bionic’s arms almost choked me as he clung to my back.

The building was intimidating. Tall, cream white stone, guards with machine guns, twenty foot tall fence with barbed wire wound across the top. Military vehicles with guns mounted on the roof. Only one word entered my head, “unreal”.

We were spotted approaching; guards pointed at us and shouted commands at each other. Hummers with turrets mount to the top drove toward us. No time to lose, no time to think, I flew through the fence, arms outstretched. Metal flew everywhere stunning some of the soldiers momentarily.

I dropped Bionic; he took off blasting some crazy gun at everyone who got in his way. Weird orange energy left the gun in blobs and when it hit someone, they fell instantly to the ground, stunned, unable to move, but unhurt.

I turned my attention back to my task. Bionic had told me where Flare and Speed were being held, all I had to do was fight a small army to get there. I grabbed a nearby soldier and tossed him into a group of his friends, knocking them down like bowling pins. Had to be careful, couldn’t risk killing anyone.

One of the Hummers sped toward me, bullets whizzed past me, the sound was frightening. One of the bullets hit me in the shoulder and I somersaulted backwards. The pain was intense. Bending at the knees I propelled myself toward the vehicle, grabbed the turret with both hands and ripped it from the roof. I twisted and hurled the scrap at the side of the building as hard as I could.

The broken gun ripped a hole through the side of the holding facility. Guards scattered as brick and metal shrapnel flew through the air. I dove toward the hole as fast as possible. I didn’t make it. As I neared the opening a tank turned the corner of the building and shot at me.

I’d never been shot by a tank before. It hurt like a motherfucker. The huge shell hit me in the side and tossed me like a rag doll. I hit the dirt and slid at least a hundred feet before I stopped. My ears were ringing, dust in my eyes clouded my vision, everything seemed far away for a moment. I looked up and saw soldiers descending on me, machine guns pointed at me. It felt like someone else, like I was watching something on TV that wasn’t real, that wasn’t me.

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