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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

“Hero’s” Story – Chapter 23

I knelt down and touched her cheek. So cold. I closed her eyes and took a step back. I stood frozen, unable to move or think. On instinct my hand slid into my pocket, fingers dialed 9-1-1, shaking hand brought the phone up to my ear.

“911, what’s the nature of your-“

“She’s dead.”

“Wha, Sir, who is dead?”

“Jul- my girlfriend. In the bathroom.”

“Okay Sir, stay calm, what’s the situation?”

“Some-someone killed her.” Stomach churned.

“Is the attacker still in the home?”

“No, no one’s here. No one, oh God.” Throat burned like acid. “She was all alone like this.”

“Sir, breathe, stay calm, what is your location?”

“1518 Marigold, Jesus fuck, it’s different.” I gagged.


“It’s different from the others, I know her, I love her.” I gagged again; acid burned the back of my mouth.

“Sir, calm-“

I threw up. Stomach wrenched, I doubled over in pain. Phone fell to the bloody tile. Warm chunks burned my tongue.

“Sir?” the Operator’s voice called out from the floor.

Again liquid filled my mouth, tried to choke it down, I couldn’t. Spit the grossness out onto the counter. Knees trembled. I fell on all fours. Another wave came up, filling my throat, I forced it back down. Grabbed my forehead with a bloody hand and took a deep breath.

“Sir, are you still there?”

Another breath, fuck, fuck, shit, fuck. Two more breaths, count one, two, fuck!

“Sir, Sir, are you alright?”

Alone, I was all alone, she was so sweet, who would hurt her?

“Who!?” I screamed, launching a fist at the vanity. Wood shattered.


I picked up the phone, blood dripped off of it and down my arm.

“He did it. He-he couldn’t let her go.”

“Who? Who is the attacker, are they-“

“I have to go, I have to-“

“Sir, wait there until the police arrive.”

“I have to go, fuck, I’m going to kill him.”

“No, stay right where you-“ click.

I closed the phone and stood.

I looked at her one last time. It wasn’t right, like a beautiful vase that someone took a bat to. Closed my eyes, remembered her touch, her laugh, the taste of her mouth.

Red fog crept up my body, clouded my eyes. I took off. I’d find him and kill him with my bare hands.

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