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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What If? - Chapter 3

“Have you heard of the Many Worlds theory?”

I look stupefied.

“Every time an event happens that could have different outcomes, each possible outcome occurs, creating a new reality for each one.”

I think for a moment, “Oh, like that show, Sliders?”

“No, not like –“ Pat stops for a moment, I can see his brain working, trying to think of a way to explain quantum physics to a guy who got an IT Degree so he didn’t have to take Calculus. Apparently you either get it or you don’t. “Yeah, just like Sliders.” He utters defeatedly.

“So, it’s a wormhole machine?” I mock.

Pat plants his face in his palms. “No, just let me explain.”

I lean against the not-suicide-not-wormhole machine.

“If this experiment succeeds, this machine will allow you to view your own alternate realities. Any choice you made, anything you tried to do, you can view the alternate outcomes.”

We stand in silence for a long moment, when I’m sure Ashton Kutcher isn’t going to jump out, I say the only thing a rational person would say; “Get the fuck out of here.”

“I’m serious,” Pat assures me, “do I ever bullshit?”

“You said Spider Man 3 would be good.”

“You know what I mean.” And I do, Pat is always dead serious when it comes to mad scientist stuff.

“Well, now what happens?” I shift uncomfortably.

“You get into the machine and I observe you viewing one of your alternate lives.”

“So, there is going to be a reality where I get in the machine and a reality where I don’t?”

“Now you’ve got the idea.” Pat steps over to a set of monitors and strange controls.

I guess in this reality I get in the machine.

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