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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What If? - Prelude

I hope everyone enjoys my new story as much as they enjoyed 'Hero's Story'. I hate coming up with titles so if you think of anything better, let me know.

What if? It’s a question so many people ask themselves every day. What if I hadn’t been so shy in High School? What if I actually had started a band? What if I had followed this dream, or asked this girl out, or not messed up that relationship? It’s a life full of missed opportunities, regrets and failed endeavors.

You wonder if even the happiest, richest, most successful person in the world looks back and is happy with every decision. Even if you are happy, there is always that one party where you could have hooked up with that one girl that one time, man you should have done that.

What if you had the chance to see what would have happened? What if you could live your current life but got to peek at every other life that could have been yours had you made different choices? Would you want to? Would you be upset if another you was happier than you are now?

What if, by doing all this peeking you fucked everything up?

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