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Thursday, June 17, 2010

What If? - Chapter 6

It’s been two days since I got into Pat’s machine. After losing my lunch in his lab he quizzed me on what I saw and took a book full of notes.

I haven’t told anyone yet, who would believe me? I sure wouldn’t. It feels good knowing I made the right decision and turned down Art School. Still, I am now haunted by the knowledge that I can see the repercussions of my choices. As an adult you are eventually forced to stop looking back at your youth and wondering what may have happened. People who live with those daily regrets end up depressed drunks or pill poppers. However, with the new opportunity, my brain swims in possibilities.

Without thinking I speed dial Pat.

“Yeah?” Cordial as ever.

“I want to go in the machine again.” It just spills out of my mouth.

“I haven’t sifted through all the data from last time.”

“So?” I’m rarely this pushy.

Pat gives me a long drawn out sigh, “Meet me Saturday at one.”

Saturday is two more days away; my stomach starts to tingle, butterflies of excitement. What should I go see? I grab a piece of scrap paper and a blue pen. For a long while I stare at the white sheet, suddenly every fear, every doubt and every possibility flows from my arm through the pen and onto the page. In a matter of moments the sterile white page becomes a mess of blue scribbles.

I drop the pen and stare down at the list. A dead quiet overcomes me and I can hear the seconds tick by on my watch. Two deep breaths later I fold the paper into quarters and shove it in my pocket.

Two more days.

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