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Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Hero's" Story - Chapter 11

After a few hours on the Internet I came up with reports of “Super Heroes” in about a dozen cities. There was a news interview with three of them just a few hours away. I decided I’d take a three day weekend and head there soon.

Getting time off of work while you are on final warning is a bit tricky. Luckily there was an opening second shift. I snagged it. Most people with powers work second shift. You head in late enough to sleep and get out early enough to patrol. The shift change was the first thing to save my job, which was good. There was no money in “crime fighting” and whoever heard of a homeless “Super Hero”?

A couple weeks later I got my time off, packed a backpack and flew the next state over to find these Super Hero guys. I combed the city with no luck the first night, stopped some minor crime. The crooks in this city seemed less surprised by my powers. Obviously these Heroes had made an impression.

I ran across them in action on the second night. They were stopping a bank robbery. I hung back and watched them work. One guy, seemed to be the leader, shot fire from his hands. Another guy was strapped with crazy gadgets and was firing some kind of futuristic gun. The third one was a woman, and from what I could tell, having a big rack was her power.

After they stopped the robbery, I flew down and said, “Hey.”

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