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Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Hero's" Story - Chapter 16

He didn’t have all my powers. He could jump high, but he hadn’t flown at all. That was the difference, he couldn’t fly. Now all I had to do was use it to my advantage before he murdered me with his bare hands.

The “Messiah” was taking his time walking over to me, he raised his arms in triumph and the crowd of cultists was invigorated. Seeing their master standing over the “imposter” had them in a frenzy. When he finally stood over my bleeding, bruised, battered body he lifted his arms. A silence took over the crowd.

“Now you see! The non-believers have sent their puppet to kill me! But I still live! As it was predicated, as it was written I am the Son, I am God! Now I will slay this demon and prove it to the world!”

A savage growl left my lips as I summoned what little energy I had left and pushed myself off the ground. I wrapped my arms around the lunatic and flew as fast as possible straight into the air. He squirmed and wriggled, but I held him tight. When he couldn’t break free he started punching me in the side of the head. My brain pounded, my vision grew dim but still I shot upward. The air grew cold, the wind whipped at us, the ground below disappeared, only clouds remained. I’d never flown so high. The air started growing thin, still I would not relent.

Finally I couldn’t breathe, the air was dead cold, no sound could be heard, the “Messiah” was no longer trying to wriggle free, but he was trying to hold on. I stopped flying and looked into his face where I saw absolute terror.

“Sorry.” Was all I could say as I changed directions and shot us towards the ground. I flew faster than ever before. The wind tore at my face and deafened me, still I flew faster. The clouds broke, I gripped him tight as we sped closer to the ground. Once we got below the tops of nearby buildings I shoved him away from me. I leveled out and stopped, he plunged into the concrete. There was a massive explosion of concrete and dirt as he burst into the ground. It sounded like a freight train running into a skyscraper.

I hovered above the crater and waited for the dust to clear. After what seemed forever, I could make out his limp body in the bottom of the pit. His clothes shredded, blood seeped from his mouth. He didn’t move or breathe. I killed him.

I felt so weak, my head spun, the adrenaline left my body and I realized just how messed up I was. I took off towards home, but only made a block before I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I landed hard on top of a nearby building and blacked out.

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