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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

“Hero’s” Story – Chapter 15

It was afternoon, I was at work. My boss came to my cube and pulled up CNN’s website. Top Story, a cult was having a rally outside a local Federal Building. All wearing white robes with symbols tattooed down their arms. They were starting to get rowdy; there were already reports of scattered altercations with the cops.

“Take the rest of the day off.” My Boss winked.

As I flew near the scene, things had gotten even uglier. Cultists were throwing rocks at the building, riot cops descended on the crowd. Suddenly a man leapt from out of the crowd. By leapt, I mean he jumped thirty feet in the air. The cultists went crazy, chanting “Messiah” as the man landed in the center of the riot cops and started pummeling them with his bare hands.

He’d downed over a dozen cops before I plowed into him and sent him skidding across the cement. The crowd grew quiet. In a flash the “Messiah” was up, he ran at me, superhumanly fast, and punched me in the jaw. I’d never been hit so hard in my life. The blow hurled me fifty yards into a parked van.

Cheers erupted from the cultists. I lifted what was left of the van and threw it at him. He took one step forward, caught the van and tossed it at the police. He jumped at me and we exchanged blows. After a few seconds blood poured from my nose and mouth. He barely had a bruise. He grabbed me by the throat, leapt high into the air and body slammed me through the roof of the federal building. My body shredded through five floors and finally stopped at ground level.

He lifted me by my hair, looked me in the eye and said.

“I am the Messiah!” His voice was loud, high from adrenaline and filled with crazy. He laughed, wound up his fist and punched me through the front of the building.

I hit the pavement a bloody mess. Cultists shouted in frenzied tongues. I was about to die. About to be murdered by some methed out David Koresh wannabe with powers. He was faster and stronger than me. He had all my powers amplified. As he walked over to finish me off, something clicked in my brain. He didn’t have all my powers.

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