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Monday, August 24, 2009

"Hero's" Story - Chapter 13

I kissed Julie for the first time shortly after I got back. I remember the day exactly; it would have been my wedding anniversary.

A few weeks later I was in divorce court. I gave my wife full custody of the kids, I didn’t fight for anything. I knew I couldn’t be a father and the other thing at the same time. I regret it all now, but it was probably the right thing for everyone.

That evening I went to Julie’s house, she left the window open for me. I flew in and saw her lying on the bed, dressed in red lingerie. Candles burning, rose petals and champagne.

“Cupcakes.” I mumbled.


“Never mind. You look…amazing.” I skipped patrol that night. It was incredible. I’ll keep every detail of that night in my brain for as long as I live.

I ducked out a little before dawn to fly home. I noticed a car on the road swerving badly. As I flew in closer the driver lost control and sped up into oncoming traffic. He was about to ram head first into another car when I swooped down and lifted his car up. Damn drunk drivers. I set the car down gently in a nearby parking lot and stepped to the window to reprimand the driver.

It was my boss. His jaw dropped as he recognized me. “You” was all he said.

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