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Friday, August 21, 2009

"Hero's" Story - Chapter 12

They turned to look at me and like a flash the woman had my hands and legs cuffed. Super speed apparently was her thing. I didn’t even struggle.

“Who are you?” the leader asked. Thin, brown hair, flames danced around his knuckles as he stood, ready to fight.

“You’re like me. I came from up north to find you. You’re like me.” I snapped the handcuffs like they were plastic toys.

“Those aren’t free you know?” The woman reprimanded.

“Sorry, you’re right. Can we go somewhere and talk?”

They took me to their secret Lair ; I swear that’s what they called it. The leader was Flare, he could shoot fire from his hands and feet. If he shot flames from his feet he could fly. It burned the hell out of everything around and he was clumsy, but he could fly. The woman was Lady Speed, and she was really fast. The third guy was Bionic, he was really handy and could kind of “talk” to machines and get information out of computers. The only downside was that he couldn’t talk to humans. Whenever he opened his mouth it just sounded like a modem trying to handshake.

Flare, Bionic, and Lady Speed, they called themselves the Fantastics. And people wonder why I don’t have a super hero name.

I spent the weekend with them. They seemed like good people. They weren’t quite like me though and I still felt alone, even among them. Flare told me about a few others like us. He shared some stories about criminals with power they put away. I’ll never forget the last thing he told me before I left.

He said, “Watch the ones you put away. You know, the ones with powers. They all escape eventually.”

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