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Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Hero's" Story - Chapter 17

It was dark when I woke up. I couldn’t tell how much time had passed but my head still pounded and my body felt stiff and weak. I sat up and leaned against a chimney. Guilt ate at my gut, it was complete self defense but I’d killed another person. I shook my head to clear the rush of thoughts that attacked my brain.

A ringing came from my jacket pocket. My cell phone. I pulled it out; it was scraped and scratched up, but still functional. I made a mental note to write a positive review online.

“Hello.” I flipped the phone open.

“It’s Flare!” I heard gunfire and commotion in the background. “Jesus, they’ve got us surrounded.”

“Who? Where are you?”

“The Lair.” I could hear Lady Speed scream in the background. “Shit man, you’ve gotta help us. Oh Shi-“. There was more commotion, some banging, more gunfire, possibly an explosion, and then the line went dead.

I took a long deep breath and slid the phone back into my pocket. I was in no condition to fight, but hopefully I could regain some strength on the flight. It’d take me at least three hours to get there at full speed. I stood shakily and took off for the Fantastic’s Lair.

It took me five hours to get there. The Lair was destroyed; bullet holes and scorch marks everywhere. Some spattered blood, but not much. The doors were caved in, windows broken, glass everywhere. All of Bionic’s computer stuff was gone. After a second sweep I noticed that everything interesting was gone. All their technology, all their costumes, everything that made them heroes was taken.
Whoever broke in wasn’t just trying to kill the Fantastics, they were trying to capture them.

“I thought I saw someone comin’ in ere.” A homeless guy wearing a tattered trench coat stood in the doorway to the basement.

“Who are you?”

“Jus’ a guy. Sleep out back, in tha alley. They’re gone ain’t they?”

I nodded.

“It’s a damn shame. They was always nice to me. ‘Specially the computer guy. Always shared ‘is sanwiches with me.”

“Did you see who took them?”

“You gotta brain in that head a yers? Course anyone knows who took ‘em. It’s the goddamn Government. Big brother, alla that shit. Goddamn motherfuckers can’t keep their hands outta a good thing. Gotta fuck it all up.”

I sighed, “Thanks.” Crazy old man.

I flew outside and up above the city, I wasn’t a detective and had no clue where to find them or even where to start looking. That’s when I noticed a man running through the street. He looked terrified, close behind a dozen men in black suits carrying guns were chasing him. I flew closer, it was Bionic and he was being chased by Federal Agents.

That crazy old man was right.

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